A New Direction For The Last Witness

Blessed are those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes.

Luke 12:37

So if you have been following me these past few months you would realize that I have been putting a lot of work in this blog. I had lots of news on this site but I realize that I am but just one man and that what is vital at this time is to not be burning out. To that end I believe it good for me to stay in my lane, sort of speak. I have quite the vast interest in many topics but as I sit here and think about what this blog should represent I realize I need to focus. I will continue to break news and provide links to alternative news sources that contain essential information. I have always stated that this project is about bringing truth and freedom to those who have the time and the mind to listen. So with that in consideration I have my sights on something more essential for me to focus on. I am surrounded by a lot of smart and amazing people. I have built some great connections on Dlive and I continue to look towards creating a network of independent journalists, bloggers and streamers to go against the rising tide of commercial owned media. I am not the tech guy nor am I the straight news anchor either. I have always desired to apply cultural critique with philosophy, theology and literature more than just stats and studies. So for that end I am going to be putting my focus on events that effect us in much more grander scales. So please bare with me as I set those up. I hope by the way the website is organized you will understand in time the direction I am going.

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