My Top 25 Favorite Songs of All Time!

I love music even though the industry has been built on lies and occultist magic.


*“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”


#1 Oblivion by M83 feat. Susanne Sundfør (2008)

#2 Where The Streets have No Name by U2 (1987)
In my mind this song is U2’s magnum opus and that is a strong statement considering the other magnificent tracks on The Joshua Tree which is a top 5 Album of All Times for me.

#3 Wouldn’t Be Nice

A New Direction For The Last Witness

Blessed are those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes.

Luke 12:37

So if you have been following me these past few months you would realize that I have been putting a lot of work in this blog. I had lots of news on this site but I realize that I am but just one man and that what is vital at this time is to not be burning out. To that end I believe it good for me to stay in my lane, sort of speak. I have quite the vast interest in many topics but as I sit here and think about what this blog should represent I realize I need to focus. I will continue to break news and provide links to alternative news sources that contain essential information. I have always stated that this project is about bringing truth and freedom to those who have the time and the mind to listen. So with that in consideration I have my sights on something more essential for me to focus on. I am surrounded by a lot of smart and amazing people. I have built some great connections on Dlive and I continue to look towards creating a network of independent journalists, bloggers and streamers to go against the rising tide of commercial owned media. I am not the tech guy nor am I the straight news anchor either. I have always desired to apply cultural critique with philosophy, theology and literature more than just stats and studies. So for that end I am going to be putting my focus on events that effect us in much more grander scales. So please bare with me as I set those up. I hope by the way the website is organized you will understand in time the direction I am going.

Why I started this blog!

Its time to wake up and break the cycle. LET FREEDOM REIGN

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

The Truth will set us Free!

We live in dark times! I personally believe we are in the last days and a great deception is at play. It can seem overwhelming when we read the news about COVID, BLM, & the rise of tensions between the nations. I however want all of you to know that this darkness will not last and God will prevail. It might seem so daunting to have hope in such times but there is even now reason to hope, especially when we understand that truth is our biggest ally. The Lord Jesus Christ himself spoke to this in the Gospel of St John when he says that we shall have the truth and it shall set us free. What a great message to deliver in such times. Even our Lord spoke of the value of having truth and freedom and that they are connected. You see even as we speak right now one thing is becoming very obvious. That as the agents of the lawlessness continue their plans for global technocratic oligarchy the great truths of their deceptions are being made known. Even in such times we can have hope and need not be afraid. When we realize that one of the goals of the mainstream media is to enslave us using fear. We can combat that with freeing ourselves with the truth. The truth is out there even when such great forces work to weaponize it or flat out lie about it. When we accept that truth is the only means for freedom then we can begin to unplug from the system that seeks to keep us ignorant, afraid and angry.

The Goal is Simple! Take Back the News and use it how it was intended.

The Bible asks us to be awake and alert to the times. At that hand we are to avoid overthinking the signs for things they are not. You can see clearly in the Bible that Jesus warns against people fear mongering when it comes to the end times and we ought to do the same. My goal is not to make you afraid of what is going on but to simply make you aware. The truth is a liberating force that can have impact on the people around us and its time for us to bring that light into the world. With that in mind I will be presenting news on this blog but with the goal of speaking to what is wrong and building up people to do what is right. You need to know that the news is a complete mine field and if you allow it to consume you will be lost. Yes we need to be alert and aware of what is going on but with the understanding and hope that these things only serve to speak to the greater truth at hand. So I shall do the same. It is my goal to discern the news, speak the truth and give you a reason to hope even in such times. As a Christian I have no fear about the times but even I needed a sober wake up call and I believe this current year is being used to wake a great amount of people up. COVID put things into priority for me. It showed me I can no longer be just another ignorant and useful idiot pawn. For this end I will endeavor to bring both truth and hope because if we can liberate our hearts, minds, and souls we will be free regardless of what they do to our bodies. Its time to break the cycle of these dark days and dare to live in truth. Let us keep awake and look to the sky as we await the return of Christ. It is important you know this is my main reason for this blog and you can learn more about me and this blog on my about page.